Does Audio Visual Entrainment Really Work? At first glance, audio visual entrainment looks peculiar and it would be hard to believe that a pair of dark glasses with flashing lights and strange noises could ever have any therapeutic value. However, this technology is proven and is helping many thousands of people around the world overcome psychological and physical disorders where other treatments have previously failed. How Does It Work? We have known for centuries that rhythmic combinations of light and sound can affect us inside.

Take for example tribal chanting, drum beats and visual displays. However, it is only recently that we have come to understand how and why this works. We now know that stimulating the brain with audio and video of a specific range of frequencies can cause the brain to synchronize its own waves in time with the stimulus. The result of this is a change in mental state, hypnotic induction as well as altered physical characteristics in the brain (such as changes in blood flow and raised neurotransmitter levels) and the rest of the body.

The typical equipment used for audio visual entrainment is a set of dark glasses that contain a series of LEDs, a pair of headphones and a control unit. What Conditions Can It Be Used To Treat? Audio visual entrainment has almost limitless possibilities as many people believe that almost all disorders (mental or physical) have their origins in the mind. Some of the conditions that have been successfully treated include ADD, PMS, chronic fatigue syndrome, PTSD, migraines, depression and chronic pain.

Where Can I Get This Technology? Although audio visual entrainment has many benefits, I advise starting with simple audio brainwave entrainment to start with. These audios can be purchased cheaply via the Internet and allow you to see whether brainwave entrainment is something that could work for you and that you could dedicate time towards. Later, if you wish to move on to audio visual entrainment, it will require an investment of between $200 and $400 for a good device.

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